Monday, 15 February 2016

Where's the justice in sport?

Less than two weeks ago, the West Indies U/19 team made the headlines for what some believe were the wrong reasons. Beating a spirited Zimbabwean team who required two runs for a remarkable victory in the World Cup, through a mankap. Many people have not even heard of the term, which is perhaps why many believe it is unsporting and just not cricket. Perhaps not even in the spirit of the game! Sure enough if a batsman at the bowler's end is trying to gain unfair advantage through a head start - that in itself is not in the spirit of the game, but for a decision to be sent to the television review and for there to be literally millimetres in it.... in my mind, I personally think they overstepped the line.... pardon the punt!

On the weekend however, the same West Indies team made the headlines again, but any cricket fan might be forgiven for sharing their delight and jubilation which was joyfully portrayed through dancing on the pitch moments after Gidron Pope hit the winnings runs; ironically the same player who caused the biggest talking point, being the one responsible for the mankap, of the world cup until then. Some might question, "Where's the justice in sport?" but nobody could deny the West Indies, a nation fighting to keep cricket alive, this moment of success, in particular at U/19 level! Perhaps the game does have a future on the islands after all!

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